Born in Shanghai, Wong Kar Wai relocated to Hong Kong at the age of five with his parents. In 1988, he garnered recognition as one of the most promising filmmakers with his debut feature film, "As Tears Go By." The following year, "Days of Being Wild," a portrayal of the youth in the mythical Hong Kong of the 1960s, secured five top prizes at the Hong Kong Film Awards. Wong Kar Wai then directed "Ashes of Time." Breaking into wide international distribution, "Chungking Express" in 1994 marked a significant milestone in his career. A year later, "Fallen Angels" further solidified his reputation as one of the most innovative storytellers of the era. In 1997, "Happy Together" earned him the Best Director Prize at the Festival de Cannes, and in 2000, Tony Leung won the Best Actor Prize for "In the Mood for Love," also at Cannes. "My Blueberry Nights," featuring Norah Jones and Jude Law, competed at the 60th Festival de Cannes. Wong Kar Wai's more recent works include "The Lady from Shanghai" and "The Grandmaster," both featuring Tony Leung in prominent roles.