Jean-Paul Goude, a contemporary legend in the realm of commercial art, boasts a diverse skill set as a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, and advertising film director. The distinctive nature of his work eludes precise categorization, as he effortlessly adapts to the unique aesthetics of the brands or personalities he collaborates with. Among the plethora of celebrities, musicians, and companies he has engaged with, his most notable association is with the singer and model, Grace Jones.

Throughout his illustrious career, Goude has lent his creative prowess to renowned entities such as Kodak, Perrier, and Chanel. During his tenure as the art director for Esquire in New York, he crossed paths with Grace Jones, leading to a prolific collaboration. Goude directed various music videos, album covers, and performances for Jones, with the iconic Island Life album cover standing out as the pinnacle of their creative partnership.

For this legendary work, Goude captured images of Jones' body, employing collage techniques to elongate her neck and position her legs and hands in seemingly impossible poses. In the post-production phase, he skillfully painted over empty spaces, resulting in a cover that has now attained legendary status. The illusion created suggests that only Grace Jones possesses the ability to assume such seemingly impossible stances.