Zara Larsson became known for her voice at the age of 10, when she sang on the Swedish TV show Talang, (the Swedish version of British TV’s Got Talent). People immediately fell in love with the young singers her charisma and voice. She released her first single « Uncover » in 2014, a song that became an international hit right away. In 2016, she was invited to sing the hymn of the Euro Cup of Football with David Guetta, and that was it: Zara Larsson had become a popstar. Today, the very talented 22 years-old Zara has already recorded many hits. We’ve had the chance to meet her for an interview, and to talk about her inspirations, her love for music and her upcoming album.

  • 1. How would you introduce yourself as an artist for those who don’t know you yet? And how do you qualify your music?

    I would say that I am a performer, a singer and a songwriter. Mostly performer and singer: I like to entertain people and my music could be qualified as pop music. I love pop music because it’s broad, and I allow myself to be influenced by everything.

  • 2. You started singing at such a young age and already had a name by the age of 10... How important is music to you?

    Music is really important to me but what I love most about all of this is to entertain people. I want to make them feel something when they watch my show or hear my music, because I’ve been doing it for so long: I couldn’t live a life without music [...]

Photographed by IAKOVOS KALAITZAKIS // Creative Direction by AZADEH ZORAGHI // Produced by RYAN C. FAHEY & AGPNYC // Styling by KEELEY J. DAWSON // Makeup Artist NIKI M’NRAY // Hair Stylist PATRICK WILSON // Manicurist ROBBIE TOMKINS // Set Design JIMMY FRANK

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