Over the past three years, Lauren Jauregui has slowly grown as a solo artist, trying to express her deepest feelings through her songs and her art. After being a part of X Factor and the band Fifth Harmony, she decided to take control of her career and let her voice be heard. Now on the eve of the release of her first EP (which includes collaborations with Vic Mensa, Timbaland, and Oak Felder), Narcisse caught up with her to talk about her links with the LGBT community, her writing process and the EP itself, Prelude.

  • 1. It’s been a while since your X Factor experience. Have you had any regrets about it, or do you still enjoy thinking about it?

    I have nothing but gratitude. It was the beginning of my journey and regret isn’t something that I dwell on very much, because I’ve learned that each and everything that I’ve experienced had a role in shaping me into the woman and artist I am today.

  • 2. What did Fifth Harmony bring to you? Was it the first time you played music on stage?

    Yes it was my first time ever being on stage playing music I had professionally recorded. Being in Fifth was like being in college for the music industry, but with direct real life experiences instead of books and professors. I learned a lot and it brought me a lot of growth [...]

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