To the French public, there’s a part of her that will always be “Mia”, the runner up from the 2016 season of Nouvelle Star. When we think about Kalika today, there’s an impression that she’s had a bit of a transformation over the last 7 years, but the reality is that maybe she’s just grown more comfortable in her own skin. 

Having spent her childhood in Avignon, growing up around the carnival scene, selling everything from roses, to cheese and g-strings with her grandma, then on to India with her mother, a place she is still deeply connected to and continues to visit and raise awareness for women’s rights, she’s always been surround by music and cultural influences beyond her years. 

  • In 2020 she became severely ill with covid, and that near death experience was an eye-opener for her, one that really brought “Kalika” into the world, front and centre (more than just a moniker – it’s actually her real middle name). Her style today is outta this world - think a 90’s candy raver riding a unicorn over a rainbow. She screams fun – someone you know you’d love to party with, she’s provocative, confident and not afraid to own any of it. 

    On May 5th  this year, she put out her first Album, “Adieu les Monstres” – the title and the track list perfectly summing up her life journey so far. 

  • The album is an artistic outlet saying goodbye to all the demons and monsters that have haunted her from childhood into adulthood, “My objective was to get rid of the darkness that lurks inside and clean house. My life is not all monsters and dark, I’m funny, I like to have fun and I like to party but I’m very contrasting. I can be up and down - like a rollercoaster. One minute crazy, party and then I’m down, depressed, poetic and dreaming” She’s nailed it, the album is catchy and fun but equally poetic and dreamy, and it’s hard to pin point her genre, a mix of candy puff pop, hard rock and electro. 

  • There’s no question that she’s shaking up the French pop music scene – her audacious, subversive raunchy style and lyrics would feel more at home to an American Rap/Pop audience – and there’s a level of shock and surprise in France at this,  but she makes no apologies for that. 

  • She has a creative vision and a poetic voice that is certainly not boring and is ready to push the boundaries of French pop music to the next level, so buckle up boys and girls and enjoy her ride - the new hard core pop queen has arrived.

Interview by ANGELA PAREE // Photographer AYMERIC BERGADA DU CADET // Creative Director AZADEH ZORAGHI // Make-up Artist DYNA DAGGER // Hair Stylist KEVYN CHARO // Stylist GUILLAUME BOULEZ // Talent MIA KALIKA ROSELLO // All Make-up by VALENTINO BEAUTY

Narcisse Magazine - Issue 12