This October will mark a turning point in Bilal Hassani’s career
when he releases his new album “Théorème”. He, or she - as
he sings in his latest single “Il ou elle” - has already lived 10,000
lives in today’s disposable starlet ecosystem, but he’s at last,
on track to achieve the musical credibility he desires.

  • Bilal Hassani is a only 22 years old and yet he/she – has already released 3 albums, is a familiar face from the French versions of both The Voice and Dancing With The Stars, has represented France at Eurovision – somewhat controversially – and finally, has infiltrated the haute-couture world with his stiletto-wearing ability. All he needed was a solid record to add pop culture king/
    queen to his resume, a task now checked off with “Théorème”, recorded with Grand Marnier – from the French electro-pop trio Yelle - icons of the electronic music scene.

    “2022 has been a reboot year for me. I needed to be more in tune with my artistic self, something I had lost to this business along the way. In many ways, this album is the beginning of my life as an artist”.

  • Bilal is the first to admit that he never spoke so personally about himself before he started working with Grand Marnier.

    Their partnership has resulted in a badass romantic sound on this debut album. It should be noted that this “badass” vibe is likely there to offset the glares and criticisms of a culture not quite ready to welcome the Hassani phenomenon, and more eager to judge and to stigmatize queerness. In an era marked by the quick-pace of social media, there is little time for artists to explore and discover themselves, Bilal has faced many obstacles in his attempt to break free of gender, at a time when France had not yet produced its own version of the Drag Race [...]

Photographer CLÉMENT DEZELUS // Creative Director AZADEH ZORAGHI // Stylist NIKITA VLASSENKO // Make-up Artist LAURIE BARALLE // Wig and nail Creations KEVYN CHARO & GABRIEL BASSEUR // Set Designer MARISOL SANTANA // Dop THEO SANCHEZ // Light HUGO SANTOS // Photo Assistant TIMOTÉ MÉVELLEC // Production NARCISSE AGENCY

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