Hatik’s first mixtape, «Chaise Pliante» (Folding Chair), was released in 2019, and it became an instant success and it went platinum. The rapper also released a series of freestyles endorsed by the music media and it played a leading role in «Validé», the first series that was devoted to French rap. But we cannot talk about Hatik without evoking the song «Angela», which was an immense success - almost 100 million views on streaming platforms. The artist’s second mixtape, «Chaise Pliante II», was released in March. This year has been a really important year for the rapper / singer. The twenty-eight year-old musician always points out that it took twelve years of hard work and perseverance for him to achieve a breakthrough. Hatik grew up in Yvelines, a suburb of Paris, and he’s been immersed in a musical atmosphere since his youth : his mother was a singer and his father was a guitarist. “When I was young, the fact that I wanted to make music was not a secret, and my parents were always supportive”. Hatik breathes and lives through music. The rapper also loves literature, and he finds inspiration in reading. He started writing poems when he was young, before making music and rapping. This attraction to words and letters helped him to develop his temperament. “ When I was young, I didn’t have the ability to express myself. There are feelings that are easier to write down, and that you cannot really say out loud ”. Hatik’s self- confidence has been built on writing and rapping; and his future looks brighter than ever.

  • 1. What is your first music memory and how did you get into rap?

    Busta Rhymes’s Break Ya Neck really impressed me when I was young. I discovered rap very early because my parents and my uncles listened to it.

  • 2. Is music a driving force for you?

    It is clearly a driving force. I can’t live without music, it’s my drug [...]

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