Written by Mathieu Doublet.

Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) will present the first monographic survey exhibition of Leandro Erlich’s work in North America, under the title Leandro Erlich: Liminal. Selected and arranged by New York-based guest curator Dan Cameron, the exhibition will present sixteen works that span more than two decades of Erlich’s production. Arranged throughout PAMM’s special exhibition galleries, the exhibition has been designed to suggest an underlying narrative story line, leading viewers through a series of encounters that act cumulatively to introduce doubt about their own sensorial input about the spaces around them. The exhibition’s title refers to a transitional zone located at the threshold of another space, and indirectly suggests being on the verge of crossing over, or entering into, a new destination or state of existence. Erlich’s work suggests that despite our collective pride at being able to instinctually locate ourselves within the physical world, the truth is that most of us are engaged in an extended game of probability and chance, in which situations that can only be real within our dreams cast a spell of enchantment over our waking lives. The accumulated impact of experiencing multiple Erlich works within a single exhibition tends to leave viewers with an intensified awareness of this inherent duality about daily life.


Pérez Art Museum // Miami 1103 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, USA // Until September 4th, 2023