The exhibition ''La société des spectacles'' examines the use of the stage, spectacle, and artifice, and all the ambiguities that they give rise to within very different art practices, while both fall within a modernist legacy. On the other hand, both artists’ work is infused with a profound analysis of space, celebrated in the exhibition. In a maze-like pathway, formed by panels of colourful fabric, viewers will have a singular experience in the exhibition space: they will become immersed in colour and then discover Atassi’s canvases, through an opening in a curtain. These huge textile objects form a camouflage, concealing Atassi’s female models in languid poses, who themselves inhabit pictorial spaces playing on both registers of intimacy and the spectacular. Farah Atassi’s paintings emerge as the set for Ulla von Brandenburg’s installations and von Brandenburg’s environments as the set for Atassi’s canvases. 


FONDATION PERNOD RICARD, 1 Cr Paul Ricard, 75008 Paris. From FEBRUARY 14TH, 2024 TO APRIL 20th, 2024