Fashion your bookshelf: 9 new books to have and to hold

Curated by Lily Templeton & Matthew Yarborough

Although most written material is consumed virtually these days though the black mirror of our screens, the book remains a brand milestone – a moment, a history or simply the delight of sharing its original vision – that is well worth collecting. Look no further: your coffee table will be decked in the season’s best! Here are Narcisse’s nine freshly released favorites.

Over the last four years, Landon Nordeman has quickly made himself the gold standard of backstage fashion photography. Nordeman’s photographs seem like conceptualized surrealist editorials, but are in fact candids captured on his 35mm lens. For an enchanting look backstage of some of the biggest runways in the world, check out Nordeman’s Out of FashionMY

A 35-year career under her divinely belted silhouette, Carolina Herrera is a designer who counts First ladies and princesses, society matrons and Pretty Young Things as her customers in equal numbers. Her secret? The perpetual adherence to elegance, regardless of passing trends. But more than an endless catalog of what once was (although the 6-pound tome of Carolina Herrera: 35 years in fashion is certainly a delight to the eye), the specially commissioned editorial at the heart of the book gives free reign to a new generation with pieces from her extensive archives: proof if needed that Herrera’s clothing looks just as good then, and now. LT

Its heavy-stock carrier bags and black-and-white logo are every bit as much a landmark as many beloved icons of the Big Apple: Barneys New York has come a long way since it began in 1923 on Seventh Avenue at 17th street, where Barney Pressman opened a store thanks to the money obtained by pawning his wife’s engagement ring. After reopening its downtown location this year, albeit with a much smaller footprint, the release of Barney’s New York retraces the steps of this legacy which spans decades and the collective memory in New York and beyond. LT

Hailed by Karl Lagerfeld as being “the only living French designer,” Martine Sitbon is a name synonymous with great fashion. Her new book, complied with long-time collaborator and famed art director Marc Ascoli, chronicles Sitbon’s legendary career including her reinvigoration of the iconic house of Chloé. With contributions from Olivier Saillard, Fabrice Paineau and Jeffery Stafford, this is one book that should find its way into every fashion lover’s library. MY

How do you defineJean-Charles de Castelbajac? Certainly not by calling him a jack-of-all-trades – he hates the term – but by pointing out that he has been in turns a designer, an artist, a firebrand and a perpetual forward-thinker who has never backed down from a challenge from designing for the Pope to reinventing Orly Airport. Packed within the pages of Fashion, Art & Rock’n’Roll are some of his best memories with images from fashion’s most industrious eyes such as Robert Mapplethorpe, Guy Bourdin, Cindy Sherman or Peter Lindbergh, a compendium of moments in which he turned fashion into art and art, into something you can truly wear. In short, but the self-portrait of a man who delights in the happy accidents that spark a thousand ideas in a thousand directions. LT

Peter Lindbergh is the man behind some of the most iconic images to come of the last half a century of fashion. Who can forget his photos of the Supermodels of the nineties? Lindbergh’s unique style of photography is both romantic and provocative, evoking the drama of a cinematic masterpiece in a still image. Tracing 40 years of the artist’s work, Peter Lindbergh: A Different Vision on Fashion Photography is filled with more than 400 images and commentary from collaborators past and present. MY

With a career spanning decades, Sam McKnight is one of the most celebrated hairstylists in the fashion and beauty industries. Hair traces McKnight’s illustrious career, with photographs of his work on the likes of Madonna, Princess Diana and Linda Evangelista. The book coincides with an exhibition of the same name, on view at the Somerset House in London from 2 Nov – 12 March 2017. MY

With one of the greatest collections of twentieth century photography, The Museum of Modern Art has decided to publish a series of books documenting its collection of iconic images. As the second tome in this three-part series, Photography at the MoMA: 1920 to 1960 focuses on the museum’s collections from the height of the modernist period with over 533 images including works by Man Ray, Alfred Stieglitz and Dorothea Lange. MY

Serge Lutens, Tyen, Peter Philips, the triumvirate of visionaries who defined what beauty means in the house of Christian Dior, is celebrated in Dior the Art of Color. This comprehensive Rizzoli tome, under the direction of current beauty director Philips, is a walk through the color palette of the house and through scores of runway imagery, beauty portraiture and art for a truly inspiration exploration of a brand that has always dared. Through exclusive interviews with its three references as well as a tessellation of quotes on beauty, color and sundry from authors of every era, you’ll find yourself mired in an unforgettable kaleidoscope: beauty, pure and perpetual. From the appointment of a beauty director in the 60s (Serge Lutens, 1967) to giving the book drives home the idea that daring and commerce can coexist as it has in the house that Christian Dior built. LT